A Guide to Easily Manage Your Business Team Remotely

guide to manage business team remotely

Business teams aren’t just for large companies. The ability to manage a team remotely is essential for every company. In recent years, remote management has become increasingly popular due to its many benefits to small businesses and startups. Managing a remote team is not that difficult if you know what to do and where to start. Keep reading to learn how to easily and successfully manage your business team remotely this year at your company.

Step-By-Step Guide for Easily Managing Your Business Team Remotely

The Importance of Communication Within Your Business Team

Communication is the key to successful team management. Set up a communication platform that will allow all employees to communicate with each other effectively, such as Slack or HipChat, in your company. You should have all employees on the same messaging platform for everyone to be informed about everything happening in your business, regardless if they’re at the office or not. Constant communication keeps your team members informed and prevents them from worrying. Your communication platform should be available to all employees, regardless of location.

Create an Effective Schedule

One of the main concerns people have about working remotely is time management. When you have a remote team, you must set up a schedule that everyone will follow. This will help you have more control over the business and ensure that all employees stick to your company’s rules. A schedule shouldn’t be too complicated; it should only include critical tasks and deadlines for your employees to be productive. It’s essential to set clear expectations for all employees on how long projects should take. You may utilize time clock software to monitor the hours that your employees work for payment and evaluation purposes. Your business could use time-tracking software to ensure that your team members work the right amount of hours according to your schedule.

Set Up a Business Team Meeting System

Meetings are the best way to communicate with your employees and ensure they’re keeping up with their work. Look for an app that will allow everyone to connect in a meeting, such as Google Hangouts or Skype. Many companies make use of cloud-based conferencing services such as GoToMeeting or Zoom. These services will help you run a smooth meeting and make your employees more productive. You may also try out Slack’s integrated video system that allows you to bring your whole team to the same platform in real-time.

Create Structure

One of the most important things in any business is structure, so you must create a structure that everyone will follow and stick to. For example, when running an online business, you may want your employees to work a certain number of hours daily. Have a shared vision in mind when making your structure. The structure should be clear so that every employee knows what to do. Depending on their specialization, you should assign different roles to each of your employees. For example, you may want a product manager who oversees all the products in the company. You may also provide one or more people to handle design and marketing.

Encourage Collaboration and Innovation

Make sure that your remote management is a collaborative effort, not just one person giving orders all the time. It would be best if you encouraged the employees to work together and use their best ideas to improve your business. Create a system where you reward your employees for their work and make sure that they know what they have to do to reach the result you have in mind.

Create Feedback and Reward Systems for Your Business Team

Having a reward system on your remote business team is essential as it allows you to track how individuals perform in their field. They should know what type of results they need to earn rewards. Your system should be transparent and allow them to know everything that’s happening in your business. Your business could use time-tracking software to keep all your employees updated on their performance.

Create a Positive Atmosphere

Your employees will perform better in a positive environment with good colleagues. Make sure you treat your employees with respect and embrace that they are working for you and not against you. Allow them to work on their skills and use their imagination to develop innovative ways of improving your business, just as long as they take proper care of it and leave it in good condition. Let your team members work on their own. This will help you achieve success quicker, creating a sense of accomplishment in the employees.


Remote team management is essential for every business, whether big or small. When you implement these tips and suggestions, your team management will be more organized and successful. Always have communication and collaboration in mind when managing your team remotely.