How Job Agency Toronto Can Help You to Hire Competent People on Temporary or Permanent Positions in Your Business?

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There are numerous reasons to employ temporary employees for your company. Here at HR Craft, job agency Toronto you can find the best candidates for your business. Certain businesses experience seasons of fluctuation and require to fulfill higher quotas in certain months in the course of the year.

Other times, their requirements might change in response to market trends or the volume of orders they’ve received. Job agency Toronto by its temporary employees can allow your business to reach its goals without worrying about hiring permanent staff. It is possible to hire employees to work on specific projects that you are working on without having to pay your employees for the long term.

Determine Your Business Needs to Hire Temp or Permanent Employees

If you’re planning to hire temporary employees first thing to determine which kind of employees is the most suitable for your company.

In the case of temporary jobs there are three types of employees that you could add to your company:

  • Part-time employee for this type of job the employee receives an hourly salary. They are able to work a certain number of hours each week.

There isn’t an exact end date to this job since they’re not employed to serve for a period of time.

  • Temporary employee the type of employee is employed to fill in the gaps for a brief period of time. In most cases the agreement is to when the position is over.
  • Seasonal employee if your company has a high-traffic time throughout the year, you will require this type of employee to accommodate the demand.

They are employed to cover an event or time like Christmas, for instance. Seasonal work is especially beneficial for students in college or university.

Based on the job you’re trying to fill, you need to think about the amount of time that is required to take on and educate the employee.

What number of hours of training will they need? Versus the number of hours, they will be working for your company? Typically, temporary positions do not require much training.

In many instances, employees can be up and running within a few days or even on that same day.

Create a Detailed Job Description

Find out what needs to be filled by your team. You’ll need to identify the job you’re looking to fill. The best method to do this is to develop a precise job description.

A job description will help the hiring manager and candidate get on the same level. It should contain:

  • Name the job

kind of job and also whether it’s part-time or temporary. It could also be seasonal.

  • The duties of the job responsibilities include

Observe the daily tasks the job will require to finish and any bigger tasks they’ll be required to complete.

  • Details about the workplace

Consider whether the workplace is a warehouse or office and how it affects their job. For instance, would they be working from a desk all day long?

  • A brief overview of your company, its customers, and goals

Give an outline of what your company does, who it serves, and why.

If you’re planning to recruit temporary employees generally, there is an element of urgency. Most of the time, you will need to be in a position to begin immediately.

Because of the increase in requirements that you need to be able to meet. But, spending a couple of hours visiting a job agency Toronto. It will help you avoid a lot of hassle later on.

The job description in HR Craft job agency Toronto serves as a reference for the person making the hiring. As well as the candidate to be employed.

It is transparent and transparent, ensuring both parties understand what they’re seeking and what they’re engaging in. Without the job description being clear it is possible to be employing the wrong candidate that isn’t able to help you achieve your objectives.

Also, you could be faced with having an employee who does not take the job seriously and chooses to walk away without giving notice.

In either case you’ll have to hire the employee in a new way. Make sure you avoid this by writing a clear task description that is appropriate for your temporary position.

Join HR Craft to attract the best candidates

If you do not have experience in hiring in your company and are in a time crunch or don’t have the time to commit resources to your ongoing hiring process.

It is best to partner with a committed staffing company. In HR Craft, we partner with companies in various industries that require our expertise in staffing.

Here’s the reason why companies like yours partner with HR Craft to recruit temp employees:

  • We can meet the tight deadlines:

Most of the time you require your temporary employee are on the job the following day. which does not leave plenty of time for your company to hire and recruit.

We have an inventory of temporary workers who are trained in safety that are quick to begin ASAP.

  • We will work with your schedule:

We have temp candidates who can be scheduled for flexible schedules.

If you require someone to begin your day early morning, work on the weekend, or even work an overnight shift, we are able to give you the employees on short notice.

  • We ensure that our candidates are thoroughly vetted:

We conduct background and references checks, and skills tests on each candidate prior to being taken to work.

  • We provide safety-related training to every temporary employee:

We provide to your company have been given instruction in Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) as well as the basic safety guidelines for industrial workers.

With HR Craft job agency Toronto, you can keep your strict schedule with highly trained and skilled employees.

Who are available to be on the job when you require them? We spare our clients from stress, money, and time by handling the hiring and recruitment processes for them.

This is what one of our customers says regarding working with us

“I have dealt with HR Craft for the year. They stand in the spotlight as one of the top temporary employment agencies I’ve dealt with. They are quick in answering our inquiries and are able to meet the manpower requirements of our company. In the end, I’m pleased with the service and highly endorse this company.” MARCELINO GUINTO, Plant Manager – Etobicoke, Ontario.

Ready to Onboard Your New Employees?

All you need to do is complete your HR Craft, job agency Toronto. We’ll get in contact with you shortly to assist you in finding the ideal temporarily employees for your company.

Our team will help you recruit and hire, then train and then onboard your temporary employees and make sure they’re prepared to begin their work immediately.