What are the Benefits of Using Custom Display Boxes?

custom display boxes

Custom Display Boxes are used in all types of retail business today. Oftentimes you come into a retail store and instead of paying your bill, there are some goods placed neatly in the Display Boxes right on the counter which unconsciously draws your focus. These display boxes normally hold items such as gum, candies, mints, sweets, cigarettes, and other apparently small items that individuals buy in the absence of real meaning. The display box is specifically built for this purpose and the items are carefully organized in order to attract customers. The display box is also very effective in marketing the product because it shows what item was bought. For example, if you enter a clothing shop and notice that half of the clothes are placed neatly in a display box, then it means that the customer really took interest in that item.

Optimize your Advertising and Marketing Efforts

When an individual walks in and notices a custom box at the back of the clothing shop, it immediately reminds them of another store they’ve been to earlier. That same customer might return to the same clothing shop again. It is important to have effective custom display boxes in order to optimize your advertising and marketing efforts. There are several aspects to consider when designing these boxes. The following are the most prominent:

Custom Display Boxes

Variety of Quality Goods

Wholesale Custom Display Boxes Wholesale suppliers are more than willing to provide you with customized display boxes that fit your needs. With a wholesale supplier, you get a variety of quality goods for a lower price and with a higher profit margin. You can also get them with full-color printing, embossed designs, full wrap-around designs, and many other exciting designs to suit your personal taste. Wholesale suppliers offer custom printed window boxes, custom printed paperweights, printed plastic flaps, and many more. The great thing about wholesale suppliers is that they allow you to compare their products and prices.

Quality Graphic Representation

Custom Display Boxes and Offset Printing Techniques Many companies choose offset printing techniques for their display boxes because it gives them quality graphic representation. They also have the option of making the box’s shape customizable. With offset printing techniques, you have the option to have a custom shape or design made specifically for your product. Custom boxes come in different shapes such as square, round, rectangular, and so many others. Most of these designs are only found on certain types of merchandise such as printed beverage cans.

Custom Display Boxes

Kind of Packaging Material

Cardboard Boxes vs. Custom Boxes Most people think that the term “cardboard” refers to any type of thick cardboard used for wrapping snacks, but the truth is that it is actually a special kind of packaging material that is often used for custom displays. Cardboard has the ability to be laminated, embossed, laminated, or even burned. It is also very easy to cut, tear, or distort. These qualities make cardboard an excellent choice for creating custom boxes.

Opportunity to Apply for free Shipping

Free Shipping When ordering your custom cardboard boxes from a reputable printing company, you will most likely be given the opportunity to apply for free shipping. This is because most cardboard packaging services offer free shipping whenever you meet minimum order requirements. Some companies will offer free shipping if you meet their other minimum order requirements, too. When ordering your free shipping, though, make sure that the shipping costs are clearly marked on your order form. Many of these printing companies will automatically adjust the cost of shipping to your total order amount when determining the final price of your order.

Economical to Produce and Distribute

One of the benefits of choosing to use custom cardboard display boxes is that they are very economical to produce and distribute. Because they are produced in large quantities, they are cheaper than purchasing several different kinds of display packaging. Plus, your customers will appreciate the eye-catching design of your display boxes. And they are reusable, which means that your customers can keep them for years without the worry of them starting to decompose.


In addition to the savings that you receive from using custom boxes, you can also enjoy several additional features. For example, some corrugated packing companies offer free corrugated boxes with every order that you make. If you want to customize your corrugated boxes further, you might even want to consider sending in your own designs or artwork. Many coroplast packaging services offer help with this process, as well, allowing you to work with a professional graphic designer to create the eye-catching design on your corrugated packaging.