Why should you Hire an Accountants in London to Handle Your Overseas Income Tax Rebates


Accountant in London

Taxes can be a bear to deal with when you live in the UK. While some regions enjoy low rates, others have harsh taxes that take a bite out of your monthly budget. Whether you live in London or the South East, the high price of living makes taxes rise quickly. There are professional tax accountants who can help take the mystery out of taxes for you. An accountant also saves you time because they are familiar with the laws of various UK tax havens including the UK national insurance record, the EU VAT, the HMRC, and more.

Preparing and Filing Taxes

Most professional accountants live in both the UK and the US, and therefore are able to comprehend the ins and outs specific to preparing and filing taxes on either side of the Atlantic. Your personal tax planning and your business tax planning both need to be handled by an accountant, not a tax preparer or CPA. The same goes for estate planning; an estate planner won’t understand your commercial real estate taxes or even your leasehold properties unless they also plan and prepare them. Accountants also handle the tedious task of filing UK birth and death certificates. They know where to find them, how to fill them out, and what documentation is needed to process them.

Accountant in London

Experienced Professional Accountants

Many international tax affairs fall under the professional accounting bureaus that also handle your personal financial affairs. Your accountants will have the experience necessary to navigate all of the laws regarding foreign transactions and investment, both domestic and offshore. They understand where to file your tax returns, which governments you need to file in, and what you must include in your return for tax purposes. These accountants also know that reporting requirements apply to you, whether you need to pay income tax and social security contributions abroad or file an annual return with the UK Tax Authorities. They will help you understand what your options are and help you decide where to go next, whether it’s an offshore or domestic jurisdiction.

Fee-Based Organization

Another reason you might want an accountant is to save money. It’s true that many tax services charge fees for their services, but in the end, it’s usually a small amount compared to the money you’ll save. Some accountants operate as a fee-based organization, charging their clients a flat fee for their tax services. Some work on retainer and earn their money on a per-project basis. Still, others are nonprofit, focusing solely on your personal tax matters. Whichever path you choose, hiring a tax services organization will make things easier down the road.

Peachtree Financial

If you need an accountant for national purposes, you may be thinking of H&R Block or Peachtree Financial. You might wonder why you would ever use one firm over another since there aren’t a lot of accounting firms in that area. The fact is that each of these firms has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, a firm like H&R Block focuses more on business professionals and their needs, while Peachtree focuses more on the residential consumer. When working with one of these firms, you can rest assured that you’ll be working with some of the best team members in the business.

Accountant in London

Experts In London

One reason to hire an accountant in London that most people have heard about is because of their expertise when it comes to paying taxes. Many people believe that anyone can do this, but the truth is that many international tax laws can be tricky to understand, leading many people to turn to professionals for help. A trusted professional will not only be able to handle taxes for you but also keep up on any changes that may affect your worldwide income.

Follow all the Necessary Laws and Regulations

The majority of tax planning experts deal with UK income tax returns only. They focus on making sure you follow all the necessary laws and regulations, as well as making sure your assets and bank accounts are secure. If something were to happen to you or one of your accounts, your tax specialists would be there to assist you in making whatever decisions are necessary in order to make sure you are financially stable. They can help you get started on your tax return preparation, but your job is to follow the deductions you’re entitled to and file your documents correctly so your tax return is complete and accurate.


The biggest advantage of hiring a professional tax planner is that they will work hard with you to make sure your financial future is secure. Their knowledge of UK tax systems will allow them to save you time and stress by handling all the tedious paperwork for you. When you hire an accountant in London, you become their client, not their employee. This means they are solely responsible for your taxes. So when it’s time to pay taxes, you can relax and let the tax experts deal with everything for you.