9 Simple Tips For Stress-free Bike Relocation

bike relocation

Most people love to move their bikes through packers and movers to the new location. They do not want to sell their bike as they don’t get the right price. However, some of them sell these bikes at good rates. However, it is not at all a good decision on the part of the movers. The reason is that they will surely need a vehicle at their new location. So, they won’t be benefitted in any case if they sell their bike before the move. So, bike relocation is much advisable as it will help you commute to your office or other areas. But choosing the best movers for transporting your bike is not easy.

You need to research reliable movers for this purpose. Also, you should look for professionals who have relevant experience regarding bike relocation. Apart from choosing a reliable mover, you need a few tips to get efficient bike relocation.

Here are a few tips for professional bike relocation:

1. Check Bike Relocation Rates

It is important to check the current bike relocation rates before you move. You can also converse with your friends and relatives to check the current prices of these services.

The reason is that different movers quote different prices. So you need to research heavily before choosing a mover.

It is good if you compare the prices of different bike relocation companies. This will help you in choosing the best-suited company for you.

Make sure to check if any discount is available on these services. If you are lucky then you will find bike relocation services at good rates.

2. Know About Bike Relocation Services

You should be well aware of the bike relocation services before moving your bike to the new location. You need to visit the office of the movers to know their services. This will offer you the best knowledge about the company and its services.

Also, you will be aware of their team. You can check whether their team is proficient in their work or not. So, it is better to visit the moving office to check their staff and the vehicle transportation systems.

3. Experience Of The Bike Relocation Staff

Hiring experienced packers and movers is the best way out to get the best bike transportation.  The big moving companies have experienced staff with them.

So, you need not be stressed about moving your bike to the new location. The experienced moving staff of the company handles your bike in the best way. They offer reliable service to you after taking care of your bike.

These people pack your bike in the most efficient manner. They use high-quality packing material to pack their bike and deliver them safely.

Hence you can always go with an experienced moving company. This will help you secure your bike during the move.

4. Verify The Company

It is a good thing to check the documents of your company beforehand. This will let you avoid any kind of risk and damage during the move. So, you need a company that is already verified.

The best thing would be to opt for the IBA-approved packers and movers. These professionals offer the best moving services as per your needs.

Make sure to check each paper your mover has to judge its reputation. This way you will be assured of getting amazing services from them.

Many people end up choosing the fraud movers. These professionals only demand money from the customers. They are least interested in moving your bike wisely. So, you need to verify them before hiring them.

5. Empty The Fuel Tank

It is a wise decision on your part to empty oil from your bike. This won’t be beneficial to you. The extra fuel of your bike will only add the weight of your bike and nothing else.

Also, there may be a leakage during the bike relocation. So, you should be careful about emptying your bike before the move. Many people do not vacant their bikes and suffer a lot later.

6. Getting The Insurance

You must get insurance before relocating your bike. The insurance will cover the damages to your bike. This will protect you from any financial losses caused by the damage to your bike.

You can ask for insurance from your packers and movers. Many movers offer these services to you.

However, make sure not to get trapped by the fraud movers. The fraudulent movers do not offer any insurance coverage to your bike.

7. Finalize The Date Of Move

Finalizing the date of the move is not so easy. You need to consider all the things to finalize the moving date. It would be good if you discuss this with your mover while finalizing your date.

Both of you can decide the right date for the move. However, don’t forget to give the option of 2 or 3 dates to the movers. This will be convenient for you and your mover.

8. Preparing Your Bike Relocation

It would be good if you prepare your bike for its relocation. You should do this work 2 days before the relocation. Make sure to wash your bike thoroughly and check whether the tires are in good condition or not.

This will relieve much of your stress. You can start the move once you check the condition of your bike. It won’t take long hours. But it will help you during your bike relocation.

9. Remove All Accessories

You can remove the accessories of your bike before its move. Some of these items include fog lamps, saddlebags, etc. You don’t need these things during the bike relocation.

Also, if you remove them, you will protect them from any loss or damage.

So, don’t forget to remove the bike’s accessories before shifting them to another city. Many people remove these parts and can deliver their bikes safely.


You can use other tips that can help you during the bike relocation. However, make sure to choose efficient packers and movers for this task. They hold several years of experience in this domain.