12 Pro Tips to Unpack and Organize Goods After a Move!

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Just like packing, the task of unpacking takes time too! That is why, people say, relocations are a nerve-wracking affair. And if you are someone who has recently fulfilled a move from Secunderabad to Surat, with the Agarwal packers and movers in Secunderabad, you know how challenging the whole phase was for you and your family – right from the day you began working on your moving plan, till the last day when you finally settled in your new home, with your goods.

If you think the dreaded moving period is over, now that you’ve stepped in your newly bought home in Surat and the moving chaos is a bit settled, then let us tell you that the real struggle lies ahead! It is yet not over because now you have to unpack all these boxes lying around you, with a plan and process. Agarwal packers and movers in Secunderabad can help you with this. Do not just jump into the task, without a set plan in mind, else, you will end up messing things further. Unpack the essentials’ box first, followed by the cartons containing your utility items, stuff from your kitchen, bedroom, and washroom, and so on…

Pro Tips To Unpack & Organize Goods By Agarwal Packers And Movers In Secunderabad

Well, you may not be able to figure out the right process of doing it, but no worries, when we are here with our effective unpacking tips. Take them into account, flip them as per your ease and situation, and get started.

Number One – Unpack and assemble priority items

• There can be a lot of things on your priority list that you would want to unpack and assemble in your new home. So, start by unpacking those cartons first – for example, the carton of food supplies, medicines, essentials, clothes, and cleaning supplies. Do not unpack every carton at the same time.

• Unpack one carton, re-arrange it, then move to the second carton and do the same. You can even assign the carton unpacking task to other members of your family too. They will unpack the respective cartons and tackle any of the rooms/spaces they want.

Number Two – Unbox specific items and keep them aside

• You would certainly not need all the items from each of your moving cartons soon after the move. So, you should unpack only the priority cartons which also include the specialty items cartons and cardboard boxes containing paintings, pictures, frames, and artifacts.

• Kept in the tightly packed moving cartons, the fragile goods can undergo various changes and even break out of their natural tendency. So, unpack those boxes, take out everything that is there. You do not have to organize every single item; you can do that once you are done with the arrangement of the rest of your household goods.

Number Three – Choose any of your rooms and set-up

• When it comes to the organization of stuff in your rooms, you can start from any of the rooms that you want to settle first – bedroom, kitchen, washroom, living room, garage, etc. We would advise you to make your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom established first because you will need these rooms first – for cooking, a nice, refreshing bath, and relaxed sleep.

• As soon as you unbox one carton, bring out the contents and organize them appropriately. Although this room-by-room set-up would take time, then a major section of your post-move settlement job would be taken care of. So, pick up a date, and start. Do not forget to take breaks after you have managed a considerable amount of settlement tasks.

Number Four – Avoid getting into complicated corners

• After you have moved into your new home, it is good to start unboxing the items that are easy to establish. This means you should first unpack the stuff from your bedroom – like linen, clothes, stationery, artifacts, etc. Then move to the kitchen items cartons that would have all the kitchen equipment and stuff, and so on.

• Do not straightaway start unpacking clothes cartons, they need a good time to be organized. Similarly, you should not even start unboxing the specialty goods, they need to be handled carefully. Likewise, the garage and storage items should be handled later on.

Number Five – Settle furniture and appliances with care

• No matter how troublesome or smooth your move has been, you will need to establish your electronic items and appliances first thing after you have moved. So, before the moving experts leave your place, ask them to set up your refrigerator, television, geyser, kitchen stove, kitchen chimney, air conditioner, etc.

• All these items require professional handling and since the moving experts are equipped with the needful tools, they can reinstate these items at your new home with utmost perfection. If you are doing it, just make sure to take ample precaution and always seek others’ help. Simply putting the appliances and equipment in place is not enough, see if they are up and running!

Number Six – Last but not least, organize everything

• To accomplish all these unpacking and home organization tasks, you would need to devote a good amount of time, and continual efforts to it. If you have family members with you helping you out, you might take care of this unpacking and arrangement task in pretty little time and without any chaos.

• So, soon after every room in your new home gets back into normal with all the goods put out there in the right order, you will only be required to take care of the organization. Check everything – if the décor items have been aesthetically placed, the furniture is arranged tastefully, the clothes and other bedding items are organized in stacks within the cupboards, the kitchen looks all done and tidy, and so on.


Unpacking is not easy. If you do not know the right way of doing it, you might end up wasting a lot of your time, and effort. So, we would advise you to go for full-time, full-service professional movers – like the Agarwal movers and packers in Secunderabad, who would not only take care of your post-move tasks but fulfill the post-move chores – like unpacking and rearranging of goods as well. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips were worthwhile for you in streamlining your post-move struggle to a great extent!