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Wetransfer ADS
Wetransfer ADS

What are the benefits of this advertising solution? Are there any key steps to define to start a sponsored path on Wetransfer? Little-known but exciting platform.

Wetransfer ADS is an advertising circuit that you can use to promote your phrase that Insurance companies use to distinguish their product from others. A combination online. The tool allows you to insert creativity and promotions within the transfer tool of the same name by focusing on the visual.

Indeed you have used Wetransfer a few times to send large files to your email contact, and you will have noticed that, while you wait, a sequence of images is shown with a copy that invites you to click.

And maybe to visit a specific page, one Here, this is the advertising that some companies decide to exploit. But does this solution work? How to enter the circuit to inform or influence the people who receive it …on this platform? Let’s start with the base; here’s what you need to know.

  • What Wetransfer is and what it for
  • What is Wetransfer ADS, definition
  • How to advertise on Wetransfer
  • What formats are available?
  • Examples of creativity on Wetransfer
  • Are you using Wetransfer ADS?

What is Wetransfer, and what it is used for

Before talking about the advertising circuit, it is worth defining this tool. It is a utility used to transfer large files through email contact. In reality, the passage of files is not done via email: this address is used only for the alert.

Once the contents have been uploaded (images, videos, PDFs, photos, compressed documents, zip files, and more), an email is sent to the person concerned about downloading everything by clicking on a button.

The tool offers a free function suitable for moderate use that satisfies most users. Of course, there is also a pro version for a fee, which is perfect for specific needs. For example:

  • You can keep files in an archive.
  • You have abundant storage space.
  • Send and receive files up to 20GB.
  • The link is transfer is personalized.
  • Defer, forward, hold and delete transfers.
  • Protect transfers with a password.

In short, this reality is designed for those who work closely with large file transfers with a large number of contacts. And in this balance, you can find the adv. What is it about exactly?

What is Wetransfer ADS, definition

An advertising circuit that allows companies to show creativity to the Wetransfer public while waiting for the file transfer.

In reality, everything is based on an idea: to upload content to send to a contact, people have to wait for a shorter or longer time.

It depends on the weight of the files in question. At this juncture, the ADS is shown. In this way, whoever sends the file gets in touch with the image or video in question. It is not a recent gimmick. Wetransfer has been proposing this solution for several years: for over a decade where creative professionals can discover both world-class brands and emerging artists.

That’s right. It seems that Wetransfer is an excellent solution for those who want to be discovered through a format that highlights the creativity of the visual layout. Video content marketing and the power of images are remarkable expressions in the advertising format WeTransfer.

How to advertise on Wetransfer

If you are interested in this format, you can start your journey from the about.wetransfer.com/advertising website. At the end of the page, you will find a form to ask for information on advertising on Wetransfer.

In reality, much of the information can also be found on the official media kit, a PDF that shows potential advertisers how and why to invest in this form of advertising. Here’s an interesting point:

We present your brand’s message in a more significant, bolder, and more beautiful way than any other online platform (…). comScore shows that 52% of the market share is attributable to creative quality. With our in-house creative studio, we will take your brand to the next level and generate the highest possible return on investment.

As you can easily guess, Wetransfer ADS’ goal is to present the brand message in a way that catches the eye.

This happens with a large, powerful visual. comScore emphasizes the importance of one point: 52% of the market share is attributable to the quality of creativity. And it is in this phase, Wetransfer ADS can give maximum results: advertising and imagination become one.

What formats are available?

The full-screen one. According to Wetransfer, this solution offers advertisers an actual canvas to give vent to creative expression.

  • Simple image.
  • Video inserted in loop.
  • Animation, dynamic adv.
  • Personalized creativity.

All solutions include full-screen ad placement, optimization of the target or services. The Target is consequently also …and a minimum display time of 45 seconds. And remember that you are not alone. There is always support available. Finally, Wetransfer numbers are truly unique:

  • 1 billion ad views.
  • Over 40 million individual users.
  • 100 million transfers.
  • Used in all countries of the world.
  • Translated into eight languages.

Examples of creativity on Wetransfer

To better understand what type of advertising is published on Wetransfer ADS, you can look at these images taken from the official website that contain the primary examples of this solution.

Advertisement by Wetransfer, Gucci.

Wetransfer ADS by Prada.

Wetransfer ADS from Lego.

Can we find a common denominator among these sponsors? There is excellent attention to the visual aspect: you do not enter the Wetransfer ADS circuit if you cannot propose impactful content.

In some cases, we also work with influencerInfluencer is anyone authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with them (in the Gucci ad, we have Iggy Pop), but the common thread is creativity.

Creativity that invests photography, video marketing, and copywriting in a decisive effort: catching attention in a short time, on a full screen but which can also be adapted to mobile.

 This: you have an indefinite time (a few seconds, a few minutes), and in this time range, attention is a precious asset. The full screen allows you to maximize engagement, but you don’t have to disperse this benefit without the strategy.

Are you using Wetransfer ADS?

Let’s face it, and it’s certainly not the best known and most famous route to advertise on the internet. We usually focus on Google ADS or maybe Facebook and Instagram ADV, which are certain realities able to give certainty, reliability, and precise numbers. But above all, safe.

In reality, it all depends on the usual steps necessary to establish whether a web marketing strategy works or not: is the target audience aligned with the characteristics of the media and the platform?

Is there the possibility of creating content suitable for Wetransfer ADS or of investing in this sector? Are the results you can achieve aligned with the goals? If the answer to all of this satisfies you, you can try this route. Do you agree? Leave your opinion in the comments to learn more.